It's all in the footwork ...

Starting a new venture can be challenging but rewarding. Taking the right steps is the key to success. Crawl, Walk, Run!

Strategic opportunities can be found in companies that already exist. We cultivate partnerships that strengthen and expand both businesses efficiently. This may be to help an existing company or to help a startup identify new markets for its product or service.

"Don't drive beyond your headlights!"


-- Stephen C. Harper, Ph.D.



Building diversified and lasting relationships strengthens us. Leveraging and learning overcomes the unknown!



Business Development


We provide consulting services to companies in need of innovative entrepreneurship and business development. Are you trying to start or expand your business? We can subsume your goals and help provide strategic solutions for both domestic and international growth. 


Entrepreneurship is our bread and butter. There are many challenges that businesses and society face. It takes in-depth research to understand where a situation came from and where it is going. We not only provide this service but bring the vision and strategy to tackle the toughest pain points society and companies face.