Subsumes' founder Bryan Velasquez has conducted research in the field of transportation for over the past ten years. Research was conducted on the formation of our highway networking system, inner city and the vehicles that use them. He then looked at the current issues and the direction it is taking us. Through the decade of research we have watched society and the markets make this one of the top priorities to solve. Subsume has been advancing its solutions through the years and now the perfect wave has started to form. The time is now and we are in the execution phase with intent to ride that wave. Magwave is now working to form the teams to build a test track. We are working to form partnerships with the companies to help bring this new system to life. We are excited to bring forth the new venture! Magwaves website is still in the works it will also ibe updated as we move along. For more information please go to


Subsume Networking

While attending UNCW during his undergrad founder Bryan Velasquez recognized a huge need for himself while attending school. That need was to have access to the resources to build that business and to have it with ease. He wondered why there was no networking system to help businesses along their tough journey. This system could help entrepreneurs better build their teams and have a ease of access to the businesses that could help them move forward. Student entrepreneurs and students wanting to join a startups now would have a network to connect. This could help link individuals and business connect from different schools and citys. So now has been created to fill that need. The site is currently under construction but we look forward to having you join the network soon!

       Subsume looks forward to bringing many projects to market. The focus of our current and future projects is to make big impacts on society through disruptive technology or disruptive innovation. There are many issues that society faces in the modern age. Our goal is to bring these projects to commercialization that will have a positive influence on local markets that can spread across the globe.