Entrepreneurship is a major piece in the evolution of society. The creation of the United States was a new venture from the old way into the new. It was established by the founding fathers which helped secure people's ability to help create a new way of doing things. The new freedoms set the stage in becoming a drive for innovation that solves pain points and helps the country move forward. 

       New industries were created by titans that have been called "The Men Who Built America". Through innovation and entrepreneurship these men laid the foundation to most of what we use today. This includes the way we use materials such as oil, steel, coal and lumber. Using materials they figured out new things to make and new ways in how to do it. This helped fuel competition and change. Some materials became products we know of; such as trains, planes and automobiles. Some materials were used as energy to drive these modes of transportation. Dams were built to harness the power of water and gravity helping create the electrical grid system. Electricity flows to skyscrapers (built with steel) and houses (built with wood) allowing for a new design of how Americans lived their lives.

       Every new product or service that you see or experience has other elements that makes it unique to what it is and how it is. Institutions and processes help contribute to what that product or service is. Banking, finance, stocks and bonds, science, research, design, manufacturing, labor unions, accounting, marketing, recruiting and many others help support and build these things. Each field has their experts but it is the entrepreneur that taps into all of these fields. The entrepreneur has an idea to build their business with the hope that the end result will bring them wealth. With the potential of a high reward comes great risk.

       One of the best beginning methods to reduce risk is to build a business model and see what the idea would look like as a whole. Using a business model allows you to adjust and play with the methods to find what one would think to be the best way forward for the business. Having a plan in front of you will reduce risk but not eliminate it. Playing and adjusting the model before execution lets you make those adjustments that would be very costly to do once in the execution phase.

​       The importance of the above information to Subsume is knowing where you come from will allow you to better understand where it is you are trying to get to. In any new startup regardless of the entrepreneurs background it is wise to know it, be it, do it. Meaning, that if you are starting a new business in a specific industry then it would be best to know its history, its players, where it currently stands and where it is going. Subsume applies this to every new idea that comes into its house. We break the new idea down to understand the new venture inside and out.

        Subsume is focused on creating new businesses in the area of disruptive technology and disruptive innovation. One where we use new technology to disrupt the market and the second is where we use an existing model in a new way. The goal is to focus on major pain points that the world is facing and no real solutions are in place. We see this as a blue ocean strategy that will help society by solving major problems.