As High School was nearing its end Bryan joined the Colorado National Guard at the age of seventeen and went to basic training between his junior and senior year.  He held positions as mechanic and later in the IT department. He continuously volunteered for training and loved learning new things. He finished schools such as Airborne and Air Assault. Competed and earned gold in competitions such as The German GPB and German Shoots and Snear. He continued additional skills training to become a combat lifesaver and a Krav Maga instructor for his military unit.

       In 2001, he started working for UPS and within four months he became a supervisor and would manage multiple different operations within the next fifteen years. When September 11th happened his unit was called to duty and went to Afghanistan in 2002-2003. In Afghanistan he helped start the motor pool in the Afghan National Army. After his duty he attended and completed Special Forces training and selection schools SOPC, SFAS and SOPCII. 

       In 2006, he moved to Wilmington, North Carolina and transferred his position with UPS and the military. This move changed his path. Within the first year he was looking into other opportunities to start something new. He decided to take a break from the military instead of renewing his contract he opted to try something new and different. He wanted to gain more education but didn't really see what college could do for him. The education he had done with the military and his personal studies made him realize that the education system didn't award the way that it should. Examples of this is not being able to get credit for knowing a lot of history of Afghanistan from the Russian invasion to its current status and where the history of assassins came from and how it had morphed into suicide bombers. Another being the start of the Office of Strategic Services and how it branched out to form other areas such as the Special Forces, Delta and the CIA. This opened his mind to maybe there needs to be a new system that gives people credit for education they get outside of the university because there is value in it. And so he began breaking down the education system. He played with a few company names but then realized that Subsume was the perfect match.​ He soon understood that he could use the process for not just one business but that he could use the business model for many businesses and the search began.

       ​The new position UPS put him in was a very intense position for someone new to that operation and to the area. He wasn't sure if he would make it six months for his first apartment lease before deciding to go back. Not knowing a single person he found himself reading and researching more than ever. One day he thought of how cool it would be to be able to go back to Colorado for the weekend to vent with friends and family and then come back into the grind. But how would that be possible when the distance between the two was 1,800 miles. He then began researching all modes of transportation, location, costs, and time it would take. What he found was the only way to make it there and back in a weekend was the airplane. The costs would be too much and that he would only be there on Saturday spending most of his time traveling on Friday and Sunday. He started to think about how we had been stuck on the same modes and no new real advancements had come along. So he started to research. 

       Standing on his back porch on the second floor he could see the cars driving down the street. He then started to break down the cars and all their components. Combustion engine, what other forms of energy are there.....research. Electricity and magnetism! How does that even work.....research. Research, research, research, research. MIT showed their classes in physics for free on Youtube. Modern Marvels, How it's Made and any form of information that he could apply to help design, engineer, use business models, etc would be filtered and sponged. Soon he had come up with a tube system using electromagnetism and then found Maglev. During this time was when he first saw Elon Musk trying to get the electric going. He then realized that the transportation would be moving electric but there would be more needed than an electric car. The congested highways would still be congested but it would have electric cars on it. He soon figured out that the system would not need to be in a tube and could be in the open air. The tube system could be added later for upgrades. He found all the companies that would be able to build everything but then realized he needed the business side.

He decided to do an undergraduate degree in Entrepreneurship and Business Development. He then went on to further his education earning an MBA and an MSc with a concentration in International Business Development and Consulting. During his college years he continued researching and getting the transportation design down. He put other projects in the pipeline but decided to start with transportation. After starting Magwave, Inc. he realized he needed one of those companies to exsist and started working on it again. The idea is to actually help him build his teams and resources through an entrepreneurship, business development and conssulting social network. Now that his current training is complete it is time to put it to the test. Subsume unofficially started in 2006 and now has officially started in 2017 as Subsume, LLC. And this year in 2018 he is working to build that network at and also started the base page for Magwave at

       Founder and CEO Bryan Velasquez grew up in the foothills of Golden, Colorado. Outdoors he was very active in sports, hunting, fishing, hiking, bmx and motorcycles. Indoors he was active with video games, tv, movies and reading. Strategy was always an area of interest to him and he applied it with everything he did. Time Magazine was one of his favorite reading materials. The magazine always seemed to show topics on current events. One thing that stuck out to him the most was there was always  issues with these topics where the article was always looking at how someone was trying to solve an issue, or the writer was pointing out an unsolved issue that would have grave results in the future. On his own time in elementary school he worked to try and solve air pollution. With the thought on his mind he began to look at the world he interacted with to see what could be possible to help solve the crisis. During the end of the movie SPACEBALLS there is a spaceship that transformed into a design of The Statue of Liberty with a vacuum cleaner. The end of the vacuum cleaner touched the top of earth's atmosphere and begun to suck in the air in attempt to destroy earth. Bryan thought to himself that if they changed the design into an air filtering system it could capture the pollution and return the clean air back into the air. If you did a little bit at a time it would work. He worked on it some and other projects but got distracted with other things as kids usually do.